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Fontazia Chateaux TN
Fontazia Chateaux ALL

Fontazia Chateaux

inspired by some of the great castles and chateaus of Europe

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Fontazia Christmas Tree TN
Fontazia Christmas Tree ALL


Christmas Tree

62 elegantly simple trees inspired by the art deco movement

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Fontazia Insomnia TN
Fontazia Insomnia ALL

Fontazia Insomnia

strange and unusual assortment of surrealistic hand-drawn images

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Fontazia Papilio TN3
Fontazia Papilio ALL

Fontazia Papilio

52 unique hand-drawn morphed butterflies and flowers

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Fontazia Y3K TN
Fontazia Y3K ALL

Fontazia Y3K

72 unique alienoids, humanoids, androids and robots

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Harmonics TN
Harmonics ALL


a bold and angular font - mix upper & lower for a zig-zag affect

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Jolly Jester TN
Jolly Jester ALL

Jolly Jester

an irregular and whimsical typeface

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Karika Hypnotica TN
Karika Hypnotica ALL

Karika Hypnotica

52 hypnotic swirls for your eye catching designs

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Malachim Writing TN
Malachim Writing ALL

Malachim Writing

magical alphabet used by secret societies in times past

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Maya Month Glyphs TN
Maya Month Glyphs ALL

Maya Month Glyphs

the 19 months of the Maya solar year + 19 Maya numerals

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Fontazia Chateaux2 TN
Fontazia Chateaux2 ALL

Fontazia Chateaux 2

inspired by some of the great castles and chateaus of Europe

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Fontazia Christmas Tree2 TN
Fontazia Christmas Tree2 ALL


Christmas Tree2

62 elegantly decorative tree illustrations with lots of frills

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Fontazia Mazzo TN
Fontazia Mazzo ALL

Fontazia Mazzo

a unique assortment of floral bouquets in abstract vases

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Fontazia Pop62 TN
Fontazia Pop62 ALL

Fontazia Pop62

62 pop flowers inspired by the 60's flower power era

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Futhark TN
Futhark ALL


based on the medieval germanic rune divination system

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Hebrew Basic TN
Hebrew Basic ALL

Hebrew Basic

based on the ancient Hebrew alphabet

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Karika Encore TN
Karika Encore ALL

Karika Encore

52 swirly orbicular floral

and musical swirls

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Karika Swirls TN
Karika Swirls ALL

Karika Swirls

52 original circular symmetrical swirly glyphs

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Masonic Writing TN
Masonic Writing ALL

Masonic Writing

based on an ancient secret writing system

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Meso Deko TN
Meso Deko1 ALL
Meso Deko2 ALL

Meso Deko

over 90 characters based on meso american decorative motifs

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Fontazia Floradot TN
Fontazia Floradot ALL

Fontazia Floradot

62 unique swaying dotted

floral patterns

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Fontazia Christmas Baubles TN
Fontazia Christmas Baubles ALL


Christmas Baubles

62 retro-style christmas decorations

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Fontazia Motyl TN
Fontazia Motyl ALL

Fontazia Motyl

a fanciful array of

butterfly glyphs

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Fontazia Stiletto TN
Fontazia Stiletto ALL

Fontazia Stiletto

52 fun & silly shoe illustrations ranging from sandals to boots

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Greco TN
Greco ALL


based on the modern Greek alphabet

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Holiday Penguins TN
Holiday Penguins ALL

Holiday Penguins

It's always holiday time with this frolicking bunch of penguins

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Karika Hearts TN
Karika Hearts ALL

Karika Hearts

52 heart-inpired swirls for all your romantic designs

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Magi Writing TN
Magi Writing ALL

Magi Writing

known as "Writing of the Magi", it was used for  magical purpose

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Maya Day Names TN
Maya Day Names ALL

Maya Day Names

the 20 day names of the Maya calendar + 19 Maya numerals

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Medeival Dragons TN
Medeival Dragons ALL

Medieval Dragons

52 lindorms, wyverns, classical & serpent-like dragons

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